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Season 2013


Under 17 Eagles – 2013 Award Winners

Best & Fairest

Gavin Carusi

Best & Fairest Runner Up

Nicholas Dore

Most Consistent

Bailey Pyman

Most Improved

Max Reilly

Coaches Award

Russell Peowrie

Most Determined

Stephen Burton


Round 14 - 21st July:  Vermont Eagles 9.9.63 v Sth Belgrave 4.8.32

Goal Kickers: G. Carusi 4, S. Burton 3, J. Sammut , D. Shell
Best Players: R. Peowrie, M. Reilly, J. Di Paola, G. Carusi, N. Dore, S. Burton

Round 13 - 14th July:  St Simons 2.1.13 v Vermont Eagles 14.11.95

Goal Kickers: G. Carusi 5, J. Sammut 2, R. Peowrie , J. Parr , N. Dore , B. Di Paola , J. Pratley , D. Shell , J. Di Paola
Best Players: C. Carusi, S. Burton, L. Kounelis, J. Sammut, G. Carusi, N. Dore

Round 12 - 7th July: Bye

Round 11 - 30th June:  Vermont Eagles 7.13.55 v Ferntree Gully Eagles 11.11.77

Goal Kickers: N. Dore , J. Sammut , J. Pratley , J. Pratley , G. Carusi , S. Burton , L. Kounelis
Best Players: J. Di Paola, G. Carusi, B. Pyman, S. Burton, N. Dore, D. Shell


Round 10 - 23rd June:  Lilydale Gold 22.10.142 v Vermont Eagles 1.3.9


Round 9 - 16th June:  Vermont Eagles 2.4.16 v Blackburn 21.15.141

Goal Kickers: S. Burton , L. Nichols

Round 8 - 2nd June: Boronia Brown 4.9.33 v Vermont Eagles 3.12.30

Goal Kickers: G. Carusi 2, L. Kounelis
Best Players: M. Reilly, J. Irvine, S. Burton, J. Sammut, N. Dore, L. Kounelis

Round 7 - 26th May: Vermont Eagles 10.9.69 v Mooroolbark Gold 9.6.60

Goal Kickers: G. Carusi 5, J. Raath 3, N. Dore , J. Sammut
Best Players: F. Kenny, R. Peowrie, J. Parr, B. Pyman, J. Sammut, G. Carusi

Round 6 -19th May: Nth Ringwood Black 12.8.80 v Vermont Eagles 8.2.50

Goal Kickers: J. Pratley , S. Burton , L. Nichols , J. Toskic , D. Shell , B. Pyman , J. Parr , L. Tripp

Best Players: J. Parr, P. Willett, L. Kounelis, J. Raath, L. Tripp, R. Peowrie

Round 5 - 12th May: Vermont Eagles 0.2.2 v Norwood Purple 18.18.126

Best Players: L. Tripp, B. Pyman, M. Reilly, J. Raath, F. Kenny, R. Peowrie

Round 4 -5th May:  Boronia Brown 6.5.41 v Vermont Eagles 4.14.38

Goals: G Carusi 4

Best: G Carusi, F Kenny, L Tripp, D Shell, J Parr, M Reilly

In what was a classic case of more scoring shots to lose a game, we were unfortunately outplyed for most of the second half, with Boronia being more desperate for the ball.

The final 5 minutes of the game saw us attack relentlessly but we just couldn't nail a big one!

Once again, however, the positive approach and effort could not be questioned.

The umpire taking himself off and spitting the dummy with his fellow umpire was a very unique situation and an example of NOT maintaining self discipline!

Huge thanks to Mrs Willett for timekeeping, dave Gannon for doing interchange, Gavin Dore for being Umpire escort, Jack Reilly for Goalumpiring, John Dixon for running the boundary and Chris Jones for taking on the runner role at the last moment and hanks to the Dore family for donating the parent Award for the game.

Thanks also to Paul Tripp for being our Trainer, and to Darren Peowrie for operating the team board and Steve Carussi for coaching.

This week we play FERNTREE GULLY EAGLES WHITE at HOME (Livingston)

Roster is Timekeeping, Kounelis family; Interchange, Irvine family; Umpire Escort, Dore Family; Goalumpire, Reilly/Pyman family; Scoreboard, Rebbechi Family; Boundary, Dixon family (TBC)

we are still waiting on some families to pay $50 for the season's trainers, drinks and food.

Can you please bring this week?


Adam Kenny

Round 3 - 28th April:  Knox Black 22.15.147 v Vermont Eagles 2.0.12

Goal Kickers: G. Carusi 2

Best Players: G. Carusi, B. Pyman, R. Peowrie, N. Dore, J. Zita, H. Padgham

Round 2 21st April: Vermont Eagles 17.17.119 v Sth Croydon Red 1.8.14

Goal Kickers: G. Carusi 5, C. Carusi 3, S. Burton 3, J. Pratley , J. Zita , D. Gannon , D. Shell , B. Pyman , J. Parr

Best Players: B. Pyman, S. Burton, G. Carusi, D. Shell, C. Carusi, N. Dore

A terrific win by the team today;
Goalkickers: Gavin Carusi 5, Conlan Carusi 3, Stephen Burton 3, Jarrod Parr, Daniel Shell, Bailey Pyman, James Pratley, Jack Zita, Darcy Gannon (1 each)
Best: Bailey Pyman, Stephen Burton, Gavin Carusi, Daniel Shell, Nicholas Dore, Conlan Carusi
Coach Carussi described this as a great team win, with every player contributing.
Most importantly, the boys responded well to some 'tight' umpiring and maintained strong discipline.
Thanks to Coach Stephen Carussi, ably supported by Darren Peowrie with the difficult job and maintaining the team board.
Thanks to Ian Hamilton Sturdy (timekeeper), Kevin Nichols (Interchange), Gavin Dore (Umpire Escort), John Dixon (boundary), Jack Reilly (Goal) and especially to Julie Zita for stepping in to do the scorebaord, and Russell Shell for taking on the Runner role.
Thanks to all those who chipped in to assist with packing up and cleaning up the rooms, especially Gav Dore, Mandy Pratley, Joe Zita, Jack Reilly and Darren Peowrie.

Round 1 - 14th April:  Upper Ferntree Gully14.18-102 v Vermont Eagles 3.2-20 

Goal Kickers: C. Carusi , N. Dore , L. Tripp

Best: Not supplied 

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