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Eagles Nest 2018 Editions

Eagles Nest 2018 Editions

Read the latest Edition of Eagles Nest - VJFC Newsletter

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2018 Junior Rules Summary

2018 Junior Rules Summary

Check out the summary of rules for junior age groups in the EFL and ERGFL competitions for boys an girls in 2018

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Registration Details For Season 2018


We will field teams in all age groups, both boys & girls teams, from Under 8s to Under 18s.  We are always excited to welcome new & inexperienced players to the club.  

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Last time these sides met was on the 18th June and Vermont 7:4 - 46  defeated North Ringwood 5:6 - 36.  After defeating East Ringwood two weeks ago we made our way straight into the Grand Final, a fitting result on the back end of an undefeated season. North Ringwood came into the Grand Final after beating Blackburn, Lysterfield and East Ringwood. They had lots of boys in good form including Mack Ayton, Jacob Broad, Jeremy Broad, Tom Murfett and Brandon Leonard. Adding some extra spice to the occasion, the Coach played all his junior footy for North Ringwood!
The preparation for the Grand Final encountered a few hiccups with lots of boys coming down sick - George, Campbell, Alex, Emi, Dylan and Will were all racing against the clock to be right for the big occasion. Everyone was on the same page about how this game must be our best game for the year. Aaron, Paps and Evo had done a super job with training all year. Aaron knew the drills so well he could have run training. Matt Hynes and Tiger Taylor provided extra coaching support on the day and Jason Disney decided to unleash his booming voice on the boys. "Diso" definitely stepped up!  Damo and Kristi made sure that all the boys were fit and well, especially in light of the injury and ambulance required for Tom Preston last year.  Behind the scenes Tracey Davis, clipboard in hand, kept the whole team flowing smoothly in the right direction.
The boys chose to make the Grand Final of 2017 their best game of the year. More inside 50s. More shots on goal. More centre clearances. A big crowd at Scoresby. A playing surface that was muddy in patches. High work rate and loads of defensive pressure.
The pressure acts up forward of Lachlan Cook, Brodie Davis and Atticus Roberts. Heath Disney kicking straight for a big goal. Blake Drury, Emi Alexio and Nate Dias running everywhere to win the ball. Noah Riddle and Ben Perkins taking charge down back. Alex Greaves winning every hit out. George Polydoulis and Tristan Seymour attacking every contest on the wing. Plus the team first attitude of Riley Askew, Corey Shiels and Dylan Fulton to just do their role.

When the siren sounded it was a mix of jubilation and relief. Brad Drury had never run further in a game and even had the umpires tell him to not work so hard. When Will Banfield and Emi Alexio lifted the premiership cup it was smiles all round! 
Thanks to every one at the mighty Vermont Eagles for their support. We could not have done it without you. Grand Finals are a reward for everyone.   


Vermont 7:9 - 51  defeated  North Ringwood 4:4 - 28
Goal Kickers: 3 Drury, 1 Alexio,  1 Strafonda,  1 Taylor,  1 Disney
Best players: Drury, Riddle, Perkins, Greaves, Polydoulis, Alexio
David Banfield
U14 Purple Coach