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Congratulations to the Under 12A and the Under 14B Vermont Purple teams on reaching the 2013 Grand Final.  This is a great achievement and we wish them all the best this Sunday as they strive for a premiership to cap off the year.


Get along and cheer on the sides this Sunday.  Just a reminder that some of the Grand Finals times may be different to games over the last few weeks.


Game details:


Under 12A:  Vermont Purple  v  East Burwood.  10:30 am.  To be played at East Ringwood Reserve, Mount Dandenong Road, East Ringwood.


Under 14B:  Vermont Purple  v  Lilydale.  12:20 pm.  At Knox Gardens, Argyle Way, Wantirna South.


 Don't forget it will be Back to the Clubrooms at Vermont Reserve, Canterbury Rd and Terrara Rd, Vermont following Sunday's games.  All Welcome from 6 pm.


Congratulations to our 12A and 14B teams on winning through to the 2013 Grand Final. 


Preliminary Finals week saw our Vermont teams have mixed success.  The under 12A and the under 14B teams had comfortable wins and earned their place in the Grand Final next Sunday.  The under 17A team were well beaten by a Knox team who were too good on the day.  Well done to the under 17 boys on a good season and we wish those finishing off their junior football this year all the best for 2014.

We wish the under 12's and 14's all the best in their quest for a premiership next week.


Preliminary Finals scores:

12A:  Vermont Purple 10.9.69 def North Ringwood 1.2.8

Goal Kickers: B. Rudd 2, S. Scullin 2, C. Banfield , L. Vassis , D. O''Carroll , M. Medwin , B. Mirtschin , H. Blakely
Best Players: S. Scullin, L. Vassis, H. Blakely, T. Dobay, F. Smith, J. Ross

14B:  Vermont Purple 10.8.68 def Scoresby 3.11.29

Goal Kickers: D. Vassiliou 4, M. Eaton 3, L. Evans , M. O''Dwyer , C. Reid
Best Players: Z. Hanlen, J. Duncan, D. Vassiliou, M. Eaton, Z. Trotter, T. Arrowsmith

17A:  Knox 15.13.103 def Vermont Purple 6.3.39

Goal Kickers: M. Whitbourn 2, S. Kudage-Don 2, B. Speedy , R. Sheridan-Ferrie
Best Players: F. Day, R. Smith, N. Coghlan, B. Hotker, R. Sheridan-Ferrie, T. Takla


Week 2 of the 2013 finals unfortunately saw a loss for all of our 5 sides.  Four of the sides fought hard and went down in close results, including the under 12A's by 9 points, the under 13A team by 3 points, and the under 17A team by 7. 

For the under 13A and under 17C teams they have now finished their season, well done boys on a great year. 

For the other 3 teams they will have the chance to earn a Grand Final spot this Sunday in Preliminary Finals.  The under 12A team take on North Ringwood this week to earn a chance to take on East Burwood in the Grand Final.  The under 14B team will hopefully bounce back from a loss, as they take on Scoresby to hopefully get another chance at Lilydale.  The under 17A team take on Knox for a chance to take on Lilydale again the following week in the Grand Final.


Semi Final results and details for next Sundays Preliminary Finals details are as below:


12A:  2nd Semi-FinalVermont Purple 2.6.18  def by  East Burwood 3.9.27

Goal Kickers: S. Scullin , B. Rudd

Best Players: J. Ross, K. Gelsi, B. Rudd, S. Scullin, B. Mirtschin, L. Vassis 


13A:  1st Semi-Final -  Glen Waverley Rovers 7.7.49  def  Vermont Purple 7.4.46

Goal Kickers: J. McGowan 2, J. Hardman , D. McDonald , I. Aedo Kailea , B. Werle , Z. Gelsi

Best Players: A. Chiodo, L. Kaminski, R. Beaton, J. Hardman, B. Werle


14B:  2nd Semi-Final - Vermont Purple 4.5.29  def by  Lilydale 10.14.74

Goal Kickers: J. Amato , T. Rosenthal , D. Vassiliou , M. Eaton

Best Players: N. Chiodo, J. Smith


17A:  2nd Semi-Final - Lilydale 8.8.56  def  Vermont Purple 7.7.49

Goal Kickers: N. Coghlan 2, R. Phillips 2, S. Weideman 2, J. Vassis

Best Players: B. Hotker, J. Vassis, N. Coghlan, R. Smith, F. Day, R. Sheridan-Ferrie


17C:  1st Semi-Final -  East Burwood  9.11.65  def  Vermont Gold 8.3.51

Goal Kickers: L. Neate 4, J. Bulman , J. Farley , K. Logan , C. Mendes

Best Players: K. Logan, L. Mahoney, L. Neate, J. Raath, L. Jackson, C. Sloane


Preliminary Finals details for this Sunday, the 11th of August, are as follows:


12A:  Vermont Purple v North Ringwood.  10.55am.  At East Ringwood Reserve, Mount Dandenong Rd, East Ringwood.

14B:  Vermont Purple v Scoresby.  12.30pm.  At Knox Gardens Reserve, Argyle Way, Wantirna South.

17A:  Vermont Purple v Knox.  2.30pm.  At East Ringwood Reserve, Mount Dandenong Rd, East Ringwood.


We wish all teams well taking part this weekend.  Get along and cheer on the boys as they attempt to get through to Grand Finals.


Don't forget Back to the Clubrooms this Sunday following the games.  From 6 pm at Vermont Sports Club, Vermont Reserve.  All Welcome.


Week 1 of the 2013 finals saw us have mixed results.  The under 11A and 12D teams went down in their Elimination Finals, bad luck boys but congratulations on a great 2013.


The 13A and 17C teams won their elimination finals and live to fight on for another week.  The under 17A team won their Qualifying final and have earned the right to play top team Lilydale next week for a Grand Final berth.  The 12A and 14B teams, after a week off due to finishing on top, are also playing for a grand final spot next week.  Game details to follow.

Scores from this week: 

11A:  Elimination Final - Heathmont  7.9.51  def  Vermont Purple  3.6.24.

Goal Kickers: T. Bunning , G. West-Plant , C. Roberts

Best Players: B. Nicholas, J. Dammers, M. Holliday, N. Tran, T. Arvan, T. Bunning

12A:  Finished season on top - 1st week off 

12D:  Elimination Final - Upper Ferntree Gully  7.8.50  def  Vermont Gold  2.4.16

Goal Kickers: T. Griffin , O. Maharaj

Best Players: H. Box, J. Pay, C. Horman, A. Barclay, H. Borg, N. Beltrami

13A:  Elimination Final - Vermont Purple 8.8.56  def   Norwood 4.9.39

Goal Kickers: B. Werle 2, A. Reichart , R. Beaton , T. Ingram , J. McGowan , Z. Gelsi , B. Thomason

14B:  Finished season on top - 1st week off 

17A:  Qualifying Final - Vermont Purple  10.7.67   def   Knox  8.8.56.

Goal Kickers: R. Phillips 4, C. Bradley 2, J. Smith , J. Vassis , N. Werle , S. Kudage-Don

Best Players: R. Phillips, B. Freeman, P. Stanton, J. Byrne, F. Day, J. O''Carroll

17C:  Elimination Final - Vermont Gold   13.10.88  def  Coldstream  4.7.31.

Goal Kickers: L. Neate 6, T. Rennie 2, J. Bulman 2, L. Gould , A. Stephens , K. Logan

Best Players: C. Mendes, T. Rennie, L. Neate, K. Logan, A. Stephens, D. Batten



Game details for the NAB Under 16 Australian Championships held in Sydney are as below.  Unfortunately Sam Weideman from our under 17A team was injured in the week leading up to the championships and wasn't able to take part.  We wish Sam well in his recovery and hope to see him in action as the 17's push into the finals.

Round 1

South Australia   22.16 (148)
Vic Metro              3.2 (20)

Best players

South Australia: Beioley, Sullivan, Dew, Nunn, Combe, Olekalns, Francis, Marshall

Vic Metro: Klep, Parsons, Pirrie, Stillman, O’Kearney


South Australia: Beioley 8, Rocca 4, Burton 3, Olekalns 2, Barry, Combe, Graham, Aguis, Nangle

Vic Metro: Peet, Gilkbert, Binns

Round 2

Vic Metro     10.6 (66)
Vic Country 10.4 (64)GOALS

Vic Metro: Peet 2, Wilson 2, Gilbert, Jeffs, Klep, O’Kearney, Pirrie, Smith
Vic Country: Schache 5, Edwards 3, Parish 2

Vic Metro: O'Kearney, Stillman, Whitehead, Hardwick, Wilson, Anderson, Atkins
Vic Country: Skinner, Parish, Cole, Dunkley, Schache, Edwards

Round 3

Western Australia 8.10 (58)

Vic Metro 6.3 (39)


Western Australia: Mirco 3, Rogers 2, Chee 2, Kersten

Vic Metro: Parsons 2, Thompson 2, Gilbert, McDonald


Western Australia: Stewart, Ah Chee, Burnett, McComb, Mattews, Curnow

Vic Metro: Atkins, Parsons, O’Kearney, Wilson, Stillman

Vic Country won the Division One title


NAB AFL MVP winners

Vic Country: Sam Skinner

South Australia: Stephen Tahana

Western Australia: Kade Stewart

Vic Metro: Nicholas O’Kearney



It is great to see the achievments of former Vermont junior footballer Mitch Honeychurch.  Following his fantastic form in the NAB under 18 National championship series, in which he was named the Most Valuable Player for the Vic Metro team for the carnival.  Mitch was also good enough to make the Under 18 All Australian team.  The following article appeared recently on the AFL website.

Honeychurch name starting to stick

If his surname hadn’t already caught the attention of AFL recruiters, a standout NAB AFL Under 18 Championships from Vic Metro’s Mitchell Honeychurch certainly did.Mitch H
The small midfielder defied injury setbacks earlier this season to be named Metro’s most valuable player and win All Australian honours.
After breaking his left wrist (scaphoid) during the preseason, Honeychurch returned to the Eastern Ranges for their TAC Cup season opener, only to suffer a similar injury setback breaking his right radius (lower arm).

Honeychurch played only one and a half games for the Ranges before the opening of the Championships and felt uncertain that an opportunity in the strong Metro line-up would arise.

“I wasn’t sure I was going to make the side initially because I didn’t play much footy for the Ranges before the first match against Queensland,” he said.
“To have the break in round one was devastating but I did everything in my power to get my fitness base up and to try to get my form up as much as possible in the games prior to the Championships.
“To have eight weeks out and to come back and play six matches I’m feeling pretty good, so I’m stoked.”

The aggressive midfielder was consistent across the championships averaging 24.8 disposals (11.5 contested) and 5.2 tackles in providing inspiration for his team.
Honeychurch, who stands at 175cm, models his game on Western Bulldogs star, Luke Dahlhaus.

“He plays the same sort of role as me and is a similar height. His form has been a bit down this year but he has been a great inspiration just watching him,” Honeychurch said.
“I’m only a small fella so I just have to keep competing to keep getting my name out there – keep tackling and doing the one percenters.”

Eastern Ranges Regional Manager, Anthony Parkin believes Honeychurch’s thirst for hard work is unrivalled at the Ranges.
“He is a fantastic young man and one of the hardest working players I have seen come through,” Parkin said.
“I have never seen anyone throw themselves into their rehab more than he did. He is a running machine. He got himself super fit and super strong and its enabled him to play at a level where AFL clubs have to consider him.”

Parkin believes that, along with top draft prospect Tom Boyd, Honeychurch is one of the leaders of the Ranges and would be an asset to an AFL club.
“Being 175cm has had its issues in the past, but what he showed in his effort and competitiveness through the Championships will enable him to play the level above,” Parkin said.
“I’m hoping that like Jarryd Blair, Dayne Zorko or Hayden Ballantyne, that Mitch gets that opportunity.
“I think someone will take him based on what they have seen because he plays the game in the right spirit and those types can be pretty hard to find.”


see the attached link for further...



Well done to Damien Vassilliou and Justin Ridley from our under 14B team on their win in the under 14(2) interleague grand final win.  The EFL won 3 of the 4 age group finals in the Victorian Junior Metrolpolitan Championships, winning the under 15(1) and 14(1) last weekend.  

Final scores for the under 14(2) were:

EFL 8.13.61  def  South Metro JFL 6.3.39

Goal Kickers: J. Rouillon 3, J. Baxter 2, D. Vassiliou , S. Ralph , B. Travers 
Best Players: K. Young, R. Deray, D. Knight, Z. Holland, J. Koger, J. Rouillon






Justin and Damien pictured with the cup from the win. 



It is great to see the partnership between the Vermont Senior Football Club and the juniors continue during the 2013 season with the continued big brother program.  This gives the boys the opportunity to train on the senor ground and be instructed by some of the senior playing group, as well as attend game day and observe some of the aspects of senior football.  The boys will take away some valuable knowledge from the experience.



The under 13 Squad at their big brother experience