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The Grand Final started for us on the Thursday prior to the game when all boys & Coaches visited the home of Jaden Arce (injured in the Semi Final and unable to play in the G/F) & enjoyed some pizza and laughs.  Jaden entered hospital the next day to have an operation on his leg. The character the boys showed during that exercise proved more than anything to me that they deserved their result, it showed just how close the boys had become and the bonds they had formed.

The day started with great weather on a good quality ground with a big crowd, the scene was set for some good football!  The 1st quarter saw us quickly put two majors on the scoreboard before East Ringwood had scored and finished the quarter with 4 goals to 2, (Fish, Jamo, Dale & Connor all scored goals). 



The game was played at a frenetic pace as East Ringwood tried to flood and run quickly back into their forward line to try and get quick goals out the back. Our defence led by Ben, Charlie, Macca, Toby, Jaden and Connor were outstanding in standing firm.  They let nothing through and repelled many attacks forward.

Paul Haasbroek & Tom Bunning were the goal kickers in the 2nd quarter, as East Ringwood only managed 1 goal for the quarter.   Some fantastic play from Tom, Harry N, Dale and Pat gave us a decided advantage at the break, however the coach did not see it that way and managed to get his one last spray in for the season, suggesting not to rest on a good half and to drive it home. Nick ,after his 5 week holiday in Greece, was chomping at the bit and was unleashed into the game, he broke up the packs and created a path for Harry B, Peter Lucas (The Fro) & Mitch returning from injury.  These boys all combined well in setting up another 3 goals for the third quarter (Jamo, Paul & Connor).  Kristian was taking big grabs up forward and around the ground & Josh and Samson were providing plenty of good play around the midfield.  Jamo was on fire, plus Fish was cheeky around goal with his Joel Selwood drop of the knees.
Luca had the last laugh on his counterparts at school on the Monday when asked by the teacher who had won the day prior?  He let the E/R boys tell the story!  Finally Cole was able to participate in a Grand Final without being injured, he kicked a ripper in the last qtr and I’m not sure who was happier him or his Dad!  A great moment in the game, only rivalled by Connor’s run of four bounces and a goal from outside 50 metres.
A great last qtr where the boys held firm and ran out winners by 26 points.  although in control all day it never really seemed that way.  East Ringwood were very hard to put away and never gave up a credit to their side.

The boys celebrated hard after the game in the rooms, then back at Vermont, a truly great result for all involved after a season of really hard work.  Well done to all the players and parents involved.

Danny Bourke
U15 Purple Coach